What are Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes.  The extensions may consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair.  Methods of applying the extensions include individual and one by one extensions. False eyelashes and Eyelash Party lashes are not the same.  Individual Eyelash extensions must be applied one by one to avoid having them stick together and to give a more natural and comfortable look for the client.

Leighs Therapies offer two sets of Eyelash Extensions, a Full Set which is where a lash is placed on as many individual lashes as possible giving you a Glamourous full eye coverage look.  This is a great option if you intend to continue with eyelash extensions and wish to have 'top ups' afterwards.

LA Lashes are a softer look where we put a lash on every 3/4th eyelash.  This still gives a great full mascara look however these are easier to maintain and are recommended if you only wish to have lashes for a one off occasion.

Both eyelash extension sets should last up to 3 weeks before needing infills.


Full Set Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions - £55
Infills / Top Ups - £29

These can take up to two hours to do an initial set and and hour for infills.

LA Lashes

Full Set - £35
Top Up - £25

These can take up to 75 minutes for a full set and 45 minutes for infills

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~ Leigh