What is Threading?


Threading is a natural method of hair removal which originates from the Middle East. Cotton thread is used in varying techniques to easily remove individual hairs from the root, leaving excellent results.


Threading can be used on all areas of the face and body but is most popular for removing facial hair and shaping eyebrows. Hair is lifted out from the root and skin is left feeling smooth with long lasting results.


You have the chance to have stunning eyebrows which are perfectly defined to enhance their eye shape and maximize the impact of their eye make-up.


This is becoming increasingly popular as a chic grooming regime for men and women.


Threading is a fast and effective treatment with finer and decreased regrowth.


How Long Does It Last?


Threading on the eyebrows and upper / lower lip lasts for 2-4 weeks and facial hair on the sides lasts from 4-8 weeks. 


How Does It Work?


By twisting the thread and creating a trap, hairs are caught and forced out by the root. The back and forth rapid movement of the thread removes the unwanted hair efficiently. Threading is so precise that even a single hair can be easily removed.

  Why Is Threading Better Than Waxing?


Threading removes lines of hair precisely and cleanly while refining the facial appearance. Threading is ideal for those who are looking for a 100% natural, hygenic and relatively painless technique for the removal of unwanted hair. Threading is recommended by dermatologists and it is completely safe. Most people who have skin break outs from waxing do not experience this after threading. Threading does not peel off the top layer of the skin. When threading, only the hair is caught in the thread and not the skin, therefore it does not cause irritation. Most people find threading far less painful than waxing. It is often described as having a 'tingly' feeling. Threading causes the regrowth of hair to be fine and smooth and it is anti-acne. Threading only requires the hair to be just above the skin and does not need to be long before it can be removed. Threading causes the hair to grow back slower than waxing and it removes the finest of hairs allowing regrowth to be very fine and scant.

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