Fertility / Pre Conceptual Reflexology 

This specialist form of Reflexology can help prepare your body for pregnancy and work towards helping achieve a viable pregnancy.

Pre-Conceptual Reflexology can help....

To relax your body and mind to help prepare your entire system for achieving a healthy pregnancy.

To monitor ovulation cycles in order to identify the optimum time for conception.

Balance your endocrine system, aiming for optimum hormonal levels to help achieve and maintain a viable pregnancy.

Work with both partners to help aim for the best physiological set-up they can achieve within themselves to encourage a healthy pregnancy.

To help rid your body of excess toxins and unwanted hormones in order to help your system function optimally.

Boost your immune system to keep you well and help avoid infections that could lead to miscarriage.

To look at nutritional elements to help alter your body ecology to create an optimal environment to nurture a viable pregnancy.

You to look at your home environment to see if there are elements which can be altered to help nurture the best possible environment 

for getting pregnant.

With Pre-Conceptual Reflexology, for the large part, we are working towards reducing stress, which plays a major role in fertility issues, 

as apart from the obvious negative state of mind and physical tension it can create, stress can also lower the immune system, delay 

ovulation and disrupt hormonal balance. Therefore, working to reduce stress, balance stress-responses and encourage relaxation are 

important and effective elements in pre-conceptual work.

We also focus on boosting the immune system as, sadly, simple infections can sometimes be the cause of miscarriage, so it is important

 to work towards helping to prevent these from taking hold.

Working on the endocrine system helps bring hormone levels into balance which is essential for follicular development, ovulation, and the 

creation and maintenance of a healthy embryo. We can work directly on endocrine gland reflexes, as well as associated reflexes such as

 the liver, which plays an important part in hormonal balance as it helps process and rid the body of unwanted hormones.

We work on energy levels to help boost the body's reserves so that all energy can be aimed at creating a baby and maintaining a healthy 


And don't forget, we can work with men as well as women, as sometimes the fertility problems are paternal in origin. In these cases we can 

work to increase sperm count and create better quality sperm to help increase chances of achieving a viable pregnancy. It is often useful 

to be treating both partners as part of the pre-conceptual process as it is a joint journey, the stresses and joys of which are shared, and 

so allowing both partners access to these beneficial elements can be bonding and helpful.

Treatments £28 per Session

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