Massage Treatments 

 Full Body Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue work to alleviate knots, tightness, stress and tension.  

£40 - 55 Minutes 

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

Perfect blend of Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage to alleviate knots, tension and aching backs , tight necks and tense shoulders.

£35 - 55 Minutes

£28 - 40 Minutes

£24 - 25 Minutes

*Add on Back Brushing and Body Scrub £8

*Add on Back Brushing and Body Scrub and Wrap £10

*Add on Hair and Scalp Massage  £8

Full Body Holistic Massage

A Light Relaxing Massage, No Deep Pressure or Muscle Work.  
Working on relaxing you from Head to Toe including an optional Head and Face Massage

£35 - 50 Minutes 

Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage

£50 - 55 Minutes - Full Body 

£65 - 75 Minutes - Full Body Extended Massage

£30 - 35 Minutes - Back Neck and Shoulder 

Full Body Massage, Holistic Facial and Mini Reflexology Treatment

Indulge yourself with a full relaxation recipe designed to work on your whole body including rebalancing your energies, stimulating your Acupressure Points and bringing your body back into alignment with Reflexology.  An all over body and mind therapy to help relax, revitalise and rejuvenate you.

£65 -  One Hour and Thirty Minutes 


Leg and Foot Spa Rejuvenation

A mineral-rich foot soak, exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring affects of being on your feet all day.

£25  -  30 Minutes 

Enjoy all the benefits of the foot Rejuvenation treatment combined with our mini pedicure. Watch those swollen ankles fade away before your eyes as cooling salts are applied to the feet. Get your feet silky smooth with our luxury scrubs and feel the pressure drain away with our beautifully relaxing foot massage. Finally get those nails looking perfect again with cuticle work, file and paint.

£35 - 55 Minutes

Hand and foot Massage with Essential Oils

£25 - 35 Minutes

Rejuvenate your Tired, Aching Hands and Feet.  Helping with Water Retention, sluggish circulation in Ankles and lower legs.