Is Getting an Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint Right for You?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to eyelash tinting and if you are here you may be searching for some answers. Below is the most asked questions when it comes to eyelash tinting.

First of all what is an eyelash tint? An eyelash tint is just like getting your hair dyed. A dyeing product is applied to your eyelashes to make them appear darker and more noticeable. Eyelash tint dye is a vegetable based product. This is so that there is less irritation and reaction to getting the process performed. But also being that the dye is vegetable based also means that it is temporary and usually last about four weeks.

Would I benefit from having my eyelashes tinted? An eyelash tint is most beneficial for those who have lighter colored eyelashes. Having your eyelashes tinted a darker color can mean that you wake up with noticeable lashes instead of having to apply mascara. If you are a swimmer or an active person (who has light lashes) you can forget about apply mascara and having it smudge or wash off. Even though there are waterproof mascaras out there, we all know how difficult that is to remove and this can damage your lashes. Now if you already have darker eyelashes you won’t find much benefit to having them tinted. The tinted only makes your natural lashes more noticeable by being darker. Eyelash tint does not make your lashes thicker or longer like mascara would.

What color should I tint my eyelashes? This is entirely up to you. There is a range of colors that include blacks, shade of browns, blue and grey. The best way to determine what tint to get is to go by what mascara you wear. If you already wear black mascara and like the way it looks then it is safe to use the same color when tinting your eyelashes. If you change your preference after you get the lashes tinted just remember that this is temporary and only last for about 4 weeks. After this you can change the shade you choose for tinting.

Where can I get an eyelash tint?

The first answer is a salon. You can get your tinting done by a professional at many salons. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and cost on average 25.00.

Salon tinting tips:

  • Make sure your not their first customer. You don’t want to be the test person for someone’s training.
  • Check with other you may know that have had the process done. Find out what salon they used.
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